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Safe Investments Options with High Returns in India for Salaried Professionals

If you are a salaried person looking for an investment option, you would probably look for a safe investment option. This is because salaried individuals receive a predetermined sum every month from which they need to plan out the expenses and savings based on the income.

Majority of the people would not prefer risking their hard earned money in market-linked or volatile investment options. If you are one among them, there are safe investment options for salaried available in India. You can either choose to invest in Safe & Best investment Plan, or you can choose to distribute your investments in market-linked investments and secure investments.

Market-linked investments are known to offer high returns, but due to the volatility in nature, the investment returns are not guaranteed. On the other hand, secure investment options offer higher returns as compared to the standard savings account but offer lower investment returns compared to market-linked investment options. And so, you need to choose your investment option based on your income and expenses.

High Returns Investment Options in India

Below mentioned are some of the High return investment in india for salaried, prominent in India:

1.      Monthly Income Scheme

The post office monthly income scheme is one of India’s safest investment options for salaried. The interest rates earned from this investment can go up to 7.8%.

However, the entire income earned from this investment is taxable under the Income Tax Act of India. The returns are decent and assured by the government of India. Also, the rate of interest is fixed as well as governed by the government.

2.      Public Provident Fund

Unlike the Employee Provident Fund (EPF), you can open a Public Provident Fund (PPF) without the participation of your employer. The interest earned by a PPF is completely exempted from taxation as per the Indian Income Tax Act.

The government of India determines the interest rates for PPF which is now up to 8% per annum. Also, there is a lock-in period for investing in a PPF during which you cannot withdraw the accumulated funds. After the 5th policy year, you have the facility to withdraw 50% of the accrued funds in case of emergencies.

3.      Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS)

This investment option is specially designed for the senior citizens of India. If you have crossed 60 years, you can invest in the Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS).

The interest rates of this scheme are 8.7%. You can open this scheme from any nationalized bank or a post office. Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) is applicable on the returns from SCSS.

4.      Fixed Deposit (FD)

FD is known to be an investment option that offers the highest interest rates among all other secure investment options. Bajaj Finance is known to be one of India’s leading Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) that offer the highest FD interest rates today that goes up to 9.10%. The company is accredited with FAAA from CRISIL and MAAA from ICRA which is the highest rating given to financial providers.

This rating assures guaranteed returns and the security of your investments in FD. You can choose the tenor of the FD, sum to be deposited, and the FD interest rates will be based on the type of customer, tenor, and principal deposit. Bajaj Finance offers higher FD interest rates for senior citizen customers and existing customers.

You can check your eligibility from the website as well as calculate the maturity amount using the online FD calculator. Moreover, with nominal document submission along with a duly filled application form, you can apply for an FD earning high interest rates with Bajaj Finance.

Other Benefits provided under Bajaj Finance

Bajaj Finance provides Fixed Deposit scheme to its customers to maximize their investments in a safe avenue. The features provided under this are:

       200+ branches are provided to customers across 200 cities in India.
       Senior Citizens are provided more interest under Senior Citizen FD scheme. They are provided 0.35% more interest as compared to schemes under the same.
       The company is accredited with FAAA by ICRA and MAAA by CRISIL credit rating agencies in India.

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