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6 Corporate Gift Ideas Your Client Will Love

Corporate firms need to stay in the run in the market and in order to do that; they need to invent new products and services. At the same time, they need to keep promoting themselves so that customers remain interested in them and they can increase the number of their potential clients.

So, corporate logo gifts is a good idea as one can send them put to their clients and customers so that they can keep remembering the brands and the products and can also recommend them to others.

Here are some gift ideas which one can use as promotional gift items and attach the company logo so that the brand image gets circulated:

Leather Accessories

This is something which everyone can use and will use because they need them on a regular basis. A good leather wallet or a card wallet can be of great utility for people. 

The company can order them in bulk and ask the manufacturer to imprint the company logo at the bottom of the wallet or the card case. This will also promote the business and the customers will also be very happy to get a useful item as a gift.


They are always used at home or at offices. A good 6 pieces coaster set can be used everywhere and getting them as a gift also makes one happy. 

The company can go for colourful coasters or the designed ones where they can print the company name and the logo and send it to the clients. 

Wherever they use it (at home or at office) the logo will be viewed by the others and it is definitely a good promotion.

Pen Drive

This is a very useful item used by everyone these days. Everyone uses a computer or a laptop these days and they need pen drives to store things and transfer documents from one device to another. 

The company can pick pen drives with good amount of storage space as their promotional gift and engrave the company logo on the body of the drive.

Wet Towel Kit

It is very useful and thoughtful as a gift item especially during the summers. A cool or wet towel kit contains 2 pieces of towels which one can use at gym, at offices or at home. 

The corporate can ask the manufacturer to sew the logo at the bottom of those towels for the promotional purpose.


It is a time specific gift item and one can send them to their clients and customers only during the New Year. The company can choose a nice theme for the calendars and give details about the company at the bottom of it. it can be both wall or table calendars as people needs both at the beginning of the year.

One can also look for cheap corporate gifts like key chains, pens and water sippers because they are not only useful but they also can be used as a good promotional item as they promote the brand image.

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