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Top 4 Amazing Designs of Wall Decals for Your Living Room

Wall decals are a new trendy thing that can give your home decoration a unique look. If you have a small apartment or live in a rented house, where you can’t go for elaborate decoration and all, wall painting stickers can solve your problem just like that.

Such wall stickers are available in a variety of designs, colors, and shapes. You just need to pick the right one for your house or office. Today, wall stickers add an oomph factor to the residential and commercial places a lot.

Now, let’s find out which are the best walld├ęcor stickers for living room or any other rooms. Read on to know more-

Floral Wall Stickers

Though it is the most common type of wall stickers, it is evergreen. Floral wall decals give your rooms a classy and elegant look and also make it feel so natural. Go for white and pink flowers as it will add a soft and romantic look to your room. 

Usually, such wall sticker is best for your bedroom, but you can also put it in the living room. There are lots of colors available among which you can choose peonies in pure white, black and white, peach, lilac and also in different shades of pink.

Cartoon Wall Decals for Kids’ Room

Kids will love this at their room. You can surprise your kid by decorating his/her house with the stickers of his favorite cartoon characters. You can put a large sticker of his/her favorite cartoon character, or go for a series that your kiddo will love to have in his/her room. 

For girls, Barbie or other Disney princesses can set the look of the room. For boys, go for Avengers, Ninja Turtles, and so on.

Animal Wall Decals

While looking for wallpaper stickers for living room, you can always go for amazing animal wall stickers. For animal lovers, such stickers are really awesome. Not only the adults, but kids also like such types of wall decals. 

You can have large polar bears or penguins on your walls, or go for flocks of eagles or sea-gulls to give your room an exotic feeling. Once you buy your favorite animal’s wall sticker, putting them easy on the wall. And if you don’t like it after some time, you can easily replace it with new ones.

Measuring Chart Wall Decal

This type of wall decals is traditional as many households used to have it on the wall to measure the height of growing kids. It is really fun for the kids as they wait eagerly to check how much they grow in days and months. Such measuring wall stickers are available in funny designs, like giraffe and koala, owls, and foxes, birds, bunnies, etc.

Here are only a few types of designer wall stickers for your rooms. There are lots of other designs, like tribal designs, inspirational phrases, etc. are available in the market. Pick the one that suits your lifestyle and personality and make your rooms look awesome.

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